Coalition for Smarter GrowthDonate

$100: supplies and refreshments for Walking Tour attendees;
$500: 1 month of new advocacy software to send action alerts;
$1000: production of our Blueprint DVD, CSG’s main advocacy tool

Where and how does our region grow? That is the question that CSG tackles each day, seeking solutions to the closely-linked challenges of housing, transportation, energy, and the environment. The final goal? Well-planned developments and better transit choices for all those who call this region home. Combining research and policy work, CSG reviews and endorses development and transportation projects and policies, and has formed a lively, committed network of community partners. When a new development project is in the works, or a conservation group and transit developer are in conflict, CSG can be one of their first calls. Groundbreaking reports on pedestrian safety and affordable housing are not just published, but also shared and discussed in the media and online. Walking Tours and Forums also educate a range of civic leaders and community members about smart growth solutions. Everything from high gas prices to changing demographics signal the significance of livable, walkable communities. With CSG we will discover, together, just how to build them.