The Senior Connection of Montgomery CountyDonate

$100: round-trip transportation to 4 medical appointments;
$500: shopping services for 3 months;
$1000: recruit and train 10 volunteers to provide direct services for a full year

Seniors who no longer drive still need to get to medical appointments something that many of us who drive take for granted. They also need groceries, prescriptions, and services from local banks, dry cleaners, and shopping malls. While county buses and taxis provide a wonderful service to many, not all seniors are able easily and safely to use them. The Senior Connection provides the answer for many of Montgomery County's seniors, offering "escorted transportation" services for those who need someone to walk with them, wait with them, and sometimes hold their hand during a procedure. These and other resources assistance with paperwork, help reading and writing letters, friendly visitation and telephone reassurance let seniors live as independently as possible and remain integral members of the community for as long as possible. Since 1993, TSC has successfully maintained its volunteer programs without charging one cent to those who use them helping older adults to "age in community" for as long as it is safe to do so.