Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)Donate

$100: local translator and driver for field missions;
$500: week-long research trip to identify victims and their needs;
$1000: advocacy trip to the United Nations

War's innocent victims are too often its forgotten ones. But CIVIC strives to give them the recognition they deserve. An advocate for smarter and more compassionate policies for civilian victims, CIVIC presses all warring parties (from armies to governments) to establish new standards of treatment and to help those they harm. And their efforts reach around the globe: CIVIC was among the first NGOs to send a field mission into Libya to assess the conditions for civilians, provided recommendations to the Pentagon and Department of Defense on civilian protection in Afghanistan, successfully advocated for support for Pakistani and Iraqi war victims, documented the stories of displaced families in Georgia, and presented to NATO's International Security Assistance Force before the adoption of its first-ever compensation policy for civilians. Partnering with Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group, CIVIC has also launched a global coalition effort to create a new expectation in armed conflict: that warring parties will make amends to those caught in the crossfire. Together we can lower the human cost of war.