Comfort for America's Uniformed Services (CAUSE)Donate

$100: supplies for a Family Fun Night event;
$250: a month's worth of new DVD for a military hospital's entertainment library;
$1000: 20 massage/reiki treatments for wounded warriors and/or caregivers

To those wounded overseas, Comfort for America's Uniformed Services sends a clear message: we deeply appreciate your sacrifice. Believing that no one should go into combat wondering how he or she will be treated if injured, CAUSE ensures that recuperating service members have opportunities for recreation and social interaction (both key to combating isolation and depression) and receive concrete signs of appreciation for all that they have done. At twelve locations across the U.S. and Germany, including Walter Reed in Bethesda, CAUSE operates programs for wounded service members and their caregivers, including digital entertainment libraries stocked with no-cost DVDs and video games, free massage, reiki and reflexology treatments, live broadcasts of sporting events, hospital game carts that bring movies and gaming directly to soldiers who cannot yet leave their beds, and various special events like Family Fun Night that allow wounded service members to relax and spend quality time with their families. Those dealing with life-altering injuries need normalcy, relaxation, and the comfort of friends. Please support this worthy CAUSE.