Empowered Women InternationalDonate

$100: financial literacy training for low-income and immigrant women;
$500: marketing services and sales opportunities for 5 Entrepreneur Training graduates;
$1000: coaching and mentoring for 10 start-up entrepreneurs

Launching a catering business, opening an after-school program, becoming an arts marketing consultant – all lofty goals for someone just starting out in the business world. But for the low-income immigrant and refugee women of Empowered Women International, these goals have become reality. 75% of EWI clients are female heads of household and have experienced violence, abuse, or war trauma. But each is also a talented, high-potential artist or creative entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Training for Success, EWI’s flagship program, enables women to channel their talents and build the skills to launch small businesses – thus supporting their families and creating local jobs. The four-month curriculum covers business plans, finance, and leadership, and concludes with a business showcase. EWI also provides personal coaching and mentoring to over 150 unemployed or underemployed women, places promising graduates in entrepreneur fellowships, and runs an artisan marketplace. Just last year, 80% of EWI women reported an increase in income, a better job, or enrollment in college. These graduates are not just leaders in business; they are agents of change.