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$100: costumes to transform 1 actor into 5 mythical characters;
$500: master class in stage combat;
$1000: painter and paint to transform a bare wooden set into a far-off place

An epic story in an intimate space: that is the signature of Constellation, the ensemble-based theatre at Source on 14th Street. Each production lures the audience into a rich visual world through heightened performances, bold design, and live music. Constellation first leaped onto the scene in 2007 and received the John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company at the Helen Hayes Awards just two years later; it has earned two Helen Hayes Awards for Sound Design since then. This season, it will produce three fully-realized shows, which will be seen by nearly 6,000 people; “pay what you can” performances, free staged readings, and Monday night shows for local artists ensure that the productions are open to all. Dubbed a “Rising Star in the DC Dramatic World” by the Washington Post, Constellation is deeply dedicated to the local community: since its inception, the theatre has worked with 400 artists and many have returned multiple times. Constellation plays have transported audiences to France and Russia, India and China. Don't miss the voyage.