Arlingtonians for a Clean EnvironmentDonate

$100: 1 ACE assembly program at a local elementary school;
$500: 10 service projects to beautify Arlington’s streams and parks;
$1000: solar hot water heaters at 3 sites

Spanning twenty-six square miles and overlooking the Potomac River and national monuments, Arlington County offers unquestionably beautiful views. Preserving its diverse lands and wandering rivers is no simple task, but Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment has been tackling it for over three decades. Today, ACE is the real nexus for green living information in the county and the link between local classrooms and outdoor education. An annual expo educates 750 residents about simple and practical ways to reduce waste and "green" their lives (information is available in English and Spanish) and conservation projects in the schools engage over 2,000 budding environmental stewards every year. ACE also provides monthly opportunities for residents to participate in stream cleanups, invasive plant removals, and storm drain marking (service projects engage youth and at-risk populations). As the primary liaison to the County government, ACE is a consistent environmental advocate, promoting solar energy for homes and reusable bags for shopping – and connecting kids to the natural world. Supporting ACE means beautiful views for years to come.