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$100: outreach materials for 1000 teens, including Latino and LGBTQ youth;
$500: classroom presentation about dating violence;
$1000: training session for DC police

Teen dating violence is an epidemic, and a silent one at that: though one in three American teens will experience dating abuse, nearly two-thirds will never report it. And, until recently, few organizations targeted young people who were experiencing abuse in their first relationships. Break the Cycle opened its doors with the goal of preventing violence among youth ages 12 to 24 – and empowering teens to diagnose, escape, and prevent unhealthy relationships. It provides free legal services (including attorneys who specialize in youth domestic abuse), trains local professionals to support young victims, advocates for a safety net of comprehensive laws, and just launched a Respect WORKS campaign, which teaches teens to look out for warning signs of abuse and take a stand to protect their friends. Break the Cycle has helped 20,000 young people diagnose and escape abusive relationships – and achieve safety and justice. As one young woman explained it: “Leaving him was not enough. I needed Break the Cycle’s help to truly be safe.” Let's be sure that others have help too.