Capital FringeDonate

$125: 2 5-gallon buckets of primer paint;
$575: participation fee for 1 summer Festival Artist;
$1,500: 2 artist stipends for participation in the 2014 fallFRINGE Festival

Take a community of emerging artists who need opportunities to share and develop their work. Pair that with an adventurous local audience, eager to experience all that is innovative and cutting-edge. Then watch Capital Fringe unfold. Since 2005, the summer Fringe Festival has infused palpable energy into the local arts scene – selling 29,000 tickets to 130 productions at over 20 venues around the city just last year. The festival is unjuried and open to all; Capital Fringe provides the performance space, staffing, and promotion, enabling each group to focus on the art. And the majority of ticket revenue (60% on average) goes back to the artists. Launched in 2009, fallFRINGE offers extended runs at new venues for standout pieces from the summer festival; the year-round Training Factory provides development opportunities for established and emerging artists, from a solo performance roundtable to a How to Fringe workshop. What’s next? Securing a permanent home for Capital Fringe and an energizing space where artists and audiences converge. You can help set the scene.