Five Talents InternationalDonate

$100: 1 loan that creates 1 job that supports 6 people;
$500: a dairy cow for a farmer in Kenya;
$10,000: a village banking program

Five Talents International offers a hand up to thousands in Africa, Asia, and Latin America through micro-financing, credit programs, business training, and education. A faith-based organization with offices in Vienna, Virginia and in London, England, it relies on the Anglican network to reach very poor communities and people of all faiths. The loans are small by US standards: at $10 to $300 they are the kinds of loans that banks cannot afford to make, especially when there is no collateral. And the businesses are simple: sewing, soap making, automobile repair, brickmaking, and farming. About 76% are headed by women. Week-long sessions on business planning, marketing, and accounting can attract hundreds, many of whom walk 5-6 hours a day to get there. Last year, Five Talents financed nearly 30,000 microloans benefiting more than 54,000 entrepreneurs and their families. On average, each $200 loan creates one job; each job supports six people; each loan repaid with interest is loaned again. FTI takes seriously the belief that treasure is meant to be multiplied. You can confirm that belief.