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$100: 150 copies of the Citizenship Workbook;
$500: garden and cooking supplies at 1 school site;
$1000: baking supplies at 3 school sites

According to the Civic Health Index, a steep decline in community involvement – one key indicator of a community’s wellness – is a worrisome sign. And perhaps it is no surprise that youth from under-served communities, who have dwindling connections to civic life, are among the least engaged. Poor reading and critical thinking skills, and lack of access to rich historical materials, all contribute to the problem. Kid Power works to close the gap, teaching fundamental skills while introducing students to a serious civics curriculum. Through case studies, academic and creative exercises, and group activities, students acquire the necessary tools to become real neighborhood advocates. Students in the CookieTime program operate a small baking enterprise, while VeggieTime kids cultivate community gardens at seven sites, both directing the profits to local and national service projects. Aspiring artists use dance, poetry, film, painting, and theater to tell community stories; and aspiring activists use their academic and artistic skills to organize neighborhood improvement projects and advocacy initiatives. Your civic engagement is the final, critical component!