The Lambi Fund of HaitiDonate

$45: 1/100th of a 4500-gallon water cistern providing a permanent water source for 90 families;
$90: a water source for 108 families;
$4000: a 4500-gallon water cistern

Based on the premise that Haitians themselves understand how development is best achieved in their own communities, The Lambi Fund of Haiti supports small-scale economic development projects that are conceived, implemented, and evaluated by community-based peasant or women’s organizations. The mandate is a double one: sponsor programs that meet basic needs, and support cooperative enterprises that strengthen democracy from the bottom up. Direct assistance involves funding, material aid, training, and technical help for community initiatives: coffee, cocoa, and fruit processing centers, or rice, sugarcane, and cereal mills to benefit women; micro lending to organic community farms, ox plowing services, and pig raising projects; reforestation; training programs for peasant organizations; and infrastructure and sanitation projects (water cisterns, latrines) to keep communities healthy. In the face of climate change and severe deforestation, Haiti has been experiencing longer dry seasons and shorter and more intense rainy seasons. In its twentieth anniversary year, Lambi has been asked to build twenty 4,500 gallon water cisterns in three communities in Northwest Haiti. You can help "give water/give life."