National Park Trust Donate

$250: 1 Buddy Bison classroom toolkit, with books, DVDs, and maps;
$500: bus to a national park for 50 city students;
$1000: in-depth environmental experience for 1 class at a national park

National Park Trust is committed to restoring the connection between children and the natural world by ensuring that everyone has an extraordinary American park experience. NPT’s signature school program, Where's Buddy Bison Been?, has engaged 10,000 youngsters with their local parks and public lands – 3,000 from DC alone – providing teachers with hands-on resources for science and history classes that give their lessons a unique park flavor. Creating opportunities for kids to visit local, state, or national parks (for free and sometimes for the first time) is central, and since transportation is the primary obstacle NPT handles the logistics and covers the costs. From park trips, to canoe trips down the Anacostia River, to service projects in Rock Creek Park, the Trust has made conservation relevant, and enrapturing, for thousands of DC-area youth. After all, preservation is at the heart of NPT, which has overseen 100 completed land projects in parks, forests, and wildlife refuges. The goal of the Trust's education programs? Cultivating a new generation of park stewards and conservationists. You can join your resources with theirs.