Partner for SurgeryDonate

$100: transportation and care for 2 patients post-surgery;
$500: pre-surgical nutrition support for children with cleft palates;
$1000: 1 doctor's service with a medical team for a week

Ten years ago, Partner for Surgery's founders discovered that Guatemala's poor (primarily Mayan) families were suffering from disabling conditions that were, in fact, fully treatable. Yet in rural communities, where jobs and transportation are scarce, many people were frightened of doctors and lacked the means even to reach one. Since its inception, PfS has not only sought to bring life-changing surgical and interventional care to these under-served areas of Guatemala, but to strengthen the community's ability to provide healthcare access on its own. In collaboration with local partners, PfS launched Asociación Compañero para Cirugía (Partner for Surgery Association), which employs indigenous Guatemalans to bring health education to remote areas, and Compañero en Salud (Health Partner), which provides local volunteer support to American surgical teams and handles pre- and post-operative care. Other education efforts focus on cervical cancer prevention and nutrition for infants with cleft palate; and youth radio broadcasts spread health promotion and education in local dialects. The ultimate goal? To build a strong, community-based health care structure that can stand on its own.