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$100: postage for 50 students to submit 3 college applications each;
$700: trip for 150 students to see a college campus for the first time;
$1000: SAT prep books for 100 students

Reach for College! was founded in 2005 by two urban educators who saw how to help traditionally disadvantaged students overcome the obstacles to higher education. In the District, only 43% of students graduate and nearly half of those never attend college, leaving the vast majority unprepared for a world in which over 80% of jobs will require post-secondary education. So every day, as part of their academic schedule, 2,000 students in more than 40 classes in DC use RFC’s curricular materials to boost their skills in college-level reading, writing, and time management. Classes in SAT prep, college selection and application, and financial aid, help them navigate the application maze. And personalized attention makes all the difference: RFC-trained teachers encourage the less confident students, cajole the procrastinators, and celebrate with all the students when the acceptance letters roll in. And they do: 100% of RFC students receive college acceptances and 80% enroll in college right after graduation. It costs RFC $165 to get a student into college. You can play a role in the next acceptance.