The Women's CenterDonate

$100: resume development workshop for 3 individuals;
$500: 10 hours of free outreach counseling at a local shelter;
$2160: 12-month support groups for domestic violence survivors and their children

For 38 years, The Women's Center has been nothing short of a lifeline to the women, men, teenagers, and children of Northern Virginia and DC for whom mental health counseling would otherwise be out of reach. Each year, over 2,600 clients benefit from individual and family psychotherapy, support groups, and assessments from trained psychologists. The Center is also one of only two local organizations providing comprehensive learning disabilities assessments for children, and the only such organization for adults. It offers mental health counseling in tandem with life skills training a unique, holistic model of care that treats both mental illness and the financial stresses that exacerbate it. Career and financial counseling, mentoring programs, and advice on interviewing and resume-writing for those reentering the work force are all on the menu. Over 1,650 domestic violence victims also depend on the Center for free legal referrals, safety planning, and ... someone to walk them to the court house. Over 16,000 people call The Women's Center every year. You can ensure that someone always answers.