Lambi Fund of Haiti

WISH LIST: $200: 1 community latrine; $500: an ox to provide affordable plowing for increased crops; $4000: a grain or sugar mill project to increase food production

Based on the premise that Haitians themselves understand how development is best achieved in their own communities, Lambi Fund supports small-scale economic development projects that are conceived, implemented, and evaluated by community-based peasant or women’s organizations. The mandate is a double one: sponsor programs that meet basic needs, and support cooperative enterprises that strengthen democracy from the bottom up. Direct assistance involves funding, material aid, training, and technical help for community initiatives: coffee, cocoa, and fruit processing centers, or rice, sugarcane, and cereal mills to benefit women; micro lending to organic community farms, ox plowing services, and pig raising projects; reforestation; training programs for peasant organizations; and infrastructure and sanitation projects (water cisterns, latrines) to keep communities healthy. In the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake, Lambi Fund is – as it always has been – on the ground in rural areas: providing food and emergency essentials; repairing damage; expanding sustainable agriculture to meet the increased demand for food; and increasing opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. You can help, now more than ever.