General Information

  • Volunteer Opportunities / Responsibilities: Volunteer Opportunities in DC:

    Typically volunteer opportunities within ACA's DC office take the form of its structured internship program. Our internships are highly competitive and typically offered to candidates with specialized skills, relevant experience, and good language skills. In addition to a hands-on internship experience, interning at ACA gives you the opportunity to learn about nonprofit management and a chance to contribute to the conservation of one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

    Internship opportunities generally remain the same from cycle to cycle, and we do not currently consider applications for internships other than those posted. Those internships are:

    -GIS and Remote Sensing
    -Communications and Social Media
    -Program and Grants Support
    -Marketing and Sustainable Tourism

    For information about the internship program, please see, and for more inform

    Internship Period: We offer three internship cycles a year, following a semester schedule.

    Spring: January to May
    Summer: June to August
    Fall: September to December
    Specific dates of the internship are flexible, but should roughly follow the periods outlined above.

    Schedule: Flexible, but preference will be given to interns who can commit at least two full days/week. However, all are encouraged to apply regardless.

    All internships are unpaid; if you are seeking credit for this internship, we are more than happy to work with you and your school.

    For information about the internship program, please see and this fact sheet about ACA's internship program:

    Volunteer Opportunities in Peru:

    Our three biological stations are located along a gradient spanning from the eastern slope of the Andes to the Amazon lowlands in Peru, an area known to harbor the greatest known richness of species on the planet. Volunteers live and work in this environment as an integral part of our science program gathering scientific data, supporting facilities and grounds maintenance, and assisting in critical research projects. Volunteers advance their careers with a boots-on-the-ground experience, while meeting other researchers and visitors from all over the world. Volunteer opportunities are available in biological monitoring, sustainable agriculture, or a hybrid of both.

    For volunteers accepted to the program, a minimum stay of one month is required, with positions commencing the first Monday of each month. Volunteers are expected to arrive to the station that day or earlier. Volunteers are required to work from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday (with two hours for lunch). Volunteers are overseen by the science coordinator or sustainable agriculture coordinator who will work with you on developing a detailed work plan, and will provide technical and general support throughout your stay.

    Volunteers at all 3 stations pay $40/day (covers 3 meals a day + lodging) for one to three months. For stays 3 months or longer, the fee is $35/day.

    For more information about how to apply, please visit
  • Types of Volunteers Needed: individual/adult; adult groups of less than 5
  • Hours Needed: business hours during the week