Amazon Conservation Association

CARBON CAPTURE -- Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation?
Mon Apr 6 2015, The New Yorker  
Article highlighting ACA's Peruvian-American partnership as a conservation model for other communities.

Traveling From Ocean to Ocean Across South America
Wed Feb 19 2014, New York Times  
Article discussing the pros and cons of a new highway crossing South America, with a quote from ACA's regional director in Peru, Juan Loja.

Peru's Manu National Park sets new biodiversity record
Tue Feb 18 2014, UC Berkeley News Center  
Peru's Manu National Park is the world's top biodiversity hotspot for reptiles and amphibians, according to a new survey funded by ACA.

Amazing diversity documented in national park
Wed Sep 12 2012, Science Codex  
A remote park in northwest Bolivia may be the most biologically diverse place on earth, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

3 new private conservation reserves established by communities in Peru
Wed Mar 21 2012,  
ACA helps create 3 new private conservation areas in the Amazon-Andes region of Peru that will help buffer the country's national parks.

Rising Prices Spark a New Gold Rush in Peruvian Amazon
Sat Dec 19 2009, The Washington Post  
Nowhere else in the Amazon is the clash between mining's economic promise and its environmental and health threats more stark than here.

In Amazonian Gold Rush, enforcement is Elusive
Sun Dec 13 2009, Washington Post online  
Amazon Conservation Association cofounder Enrique Ortiz talks about the impact of gold mining on the rainforest in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Conservationists Fight Proposed Amazon Road
Thu Oct 29 2009, WorldWatch  
Bruce Babbitt, board member of the Amazon Conservation Association, suggests an alternative to highway construction in the Amazon region.

Peruvian Brazil Nut Producer Inspires Community While Expanding Her Business
Thu Oct 1 2009, USAID Latin America & the Caribbean Newsletter  
Sara Hurtado, a Brazil nut harvester from Peru, has turned her 3-month Brazil nut harvesting job into a year-round sustainable enterprise.

Protecting Peru's Amazingly Diverse Amazon Region
Thu Sep 17 2009, National Public Radio  
Peru's rainforest is full of rare and exotic species; environmentalists say that it can act as a kind of Noah's ark.

For Peruvians, Baskets for the U.S. Market Bring a New Way of Life
Mon Jan 19 2009, The New York Times  
Amy Rosenthal, deputy director for projects of the Amazon Conservation Association, discusses market-based conservation projects in Peru.

How to Preserve Peru's Amazon Rainforest
Thu Mar 8 2007, Journal Peru  
Interview with Rhett Butler of; he discusses ACA's efforts to address the threats of highway construction in the Amazon.