Every year, millions of civilians are killed, injured, and displaced due to armed conflict. These innocent men, women, and children are too often overlooked so the Center for Civilians in Conflict works on their behalf. CIVIC calls on and advises international organizations, governments, militaries, and other parties to implement policies that prevent civilian harm. Its dedicated team travels to conflict zones to speak directly with those affected, brings their stories to those in power, and provides expert advice on ways to ensure civilian safety. When harm does occur, CIVIC presses warring parties to make amends and assist those caught in the crossfire a seemingly fundamental concept that is, in reality, wholly new to war policy and practice. And the world is listening. In a decade of work, CIVIC has conducted effective, high-level advocacy with numerous international stakeholders (including the United Nations and NATO), and has been instrumental in documenting civilian harm and developing better protection tactics across the globe, from Afghanistan to Libya. Together, we can lower the human cost of war.

Headquarters: DC-Ward 2

Where They Operate: Internationally; ; Afghanistan; Central African Republic; Chad; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Iraq; Libya; Mali; Nigeria; Pakistan; Somalia; South Sudan; Syria; Yemen

Population(s) Served: Not applicable

  • # of policies adopted on civilian harm mitigation:   2: US & NATO
  • # of teams created to track civilian harm:   3: Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria
  • # of troops trained in civilian protection:   250
  • # of local nonprofits trained to advocate for better civilian protection:   50
  • # of research reports on civilian harm published annually:   5

Awards & Recognition

2013 Top people in armed violence reduction
2013 Justice Book
2011 Extraordinary Contribution Award from Truman National Security Project
2009 IRD Humanitarian Award "For outstanding efforts in addressing the needs of victims of conflict"
2007 Women Rising Award
2006 Global Peace and Justice Award
Coins of Excellence from US military: Deputy Commandant Army College; Marine War College; 450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne); Maxwell Air Force Base; Ft. Belvoir; ISAF Commander; West Point; Ft. Irwin Commander


Budget (FY2015)

  • $3 million or higher
  • The current budget for Center for Civilians in Conflict is: $1 million to $3 million
  • $500k to $1 million
  • Less than $500k

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