Every teen girl has a right to the support, knowledge, and skills she needs to thrive; but some face more obstacles than others. Building on its long history in the region, Crittenton Services of Greater Washington helps teen girls believe in their ability to succeed – even in the face of significant challenges. In 2011, DC had the nation’s highest rate of teen pregnancy for girls ages 15-17 and of HIV diagnoses for girls and young women 13-24. Participants in Crittenton’s programs – who come from African-American and immigrant families in the District and Montgomery County – learn about healthy relationships with peers, dating partners, and parents; reproductive health, nutrition, and fitness; and then college and career options. According to Crittenton, the teens are not “at risk,” but rather have “unlimited potential and a future that is theirs to create.” And the results are life-changing: girls stay in school, avoid pregnancy, graduate from high school, and go on to college and careers. An investment in these girls is an investment in our collective future.

Headquarters: MD-Montgomery County

Where They Operate: DC-Ward 5; DC-Ward 7; DC-Ward 8; MD-Montgomery County; Gaithersburg, MD; Silver Spring, MD; Clarksburg, MD; Ward 5, DC; Ward 7, DC; Ward 8, DC

Age Groups Served: Pre-teen/teen (12-17)

Ethnic Groups Served: African American; Asian American; Caucasian; Latino/Hispanic; Other

Population(s) Served: Women/Girls; Students; Low- to Moderate-Income Community Members

Schools They Work In: Wheatley Educational Campus; Perry Street Prep Middle School; Dunbar High School; Friendship Collegiate Academy; Cesar Chavez Middle School; Kelly Miller Middle School; HD Woodson High School; Hart Middle School; Hart High School; Ballou High School; Anacostia High School; Clarksburg High School; Gaithersburg High School; Argyle Middle School; E. Brooke Lee Middle School; Montgomery Blair High School; Kennedy High School

  • Number of teen girls served by our 2014-2015 school year programs.:   400
  • Number of schools served by 2014-2015 school year programs. :   17
  • Percentage of 2013-2014 senior program participants who graduated. :   100%
  • Percentage of 2013-2014 program participants who did not become pregnant.:   99.5%

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Budget (FY2013)

  • $3 million or higher
  • $1 million to $3 million
  • The current budget for Crittenton Services of Greater Washington is: $500k to $1 million
  • Less than $500k

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