Thrive DCDonate

$100: provides warm meals for 55 homeless women;
$500: operates the Emergency Food Pantry for 2 months;
$1000: provides prescription assistance for 27 individuals for 1 month

Each year, Thrive DC welcomes hard-to-reach, homeless men, women, and children. From infants to 83-year old great-grandmothers, they are the most vulnerable and marginalized of our neighbors, those whom other programs may not accept or accommodate. Some suffer from mental illness or substance abuse (or both); others have been victims of sexual violence; 80% of female clients live with HIV/AIDS or other chronic health problems. And they come for something simple: hot, nutritious breakfast for men and women, dinner for women and children, plus an emergency food pantry and Lunch To Go. They also find laundry facilities and showers, personal care supplies, mail, phone and computers, and warm clothing and blankets. Once visitors are comfortable, Thrive assesses their needs and assists them on-site or refers them to providers who can help with housing or medical and legal care. An employment program offers on-the-job training and life-skills coaching. For 33 years, Thrive DC has been serving generous portions of food and help and hope to homeless and vulnerable Washingtonians. Pass the plate, please.