Potomac ConservancyDonate

$100: 20 native trees to plant on the shores;
$500: 10 personal flotation devices for canoeing programs;
$1000: supplies for 300 volunteers at 12 trash cleanup and stewardship events

Since the days when George Washington built his home along its banks, the Potomac River has been an anchor for our region's identity and the source of 80% of its drinking water. The wildest river running through an urban area anywhere on earth, it is home to more than 200 rare species and natural communities. But rapid population growth has put tremendous pressure on water and land resources. A regional leader in safeguarding the lands and waters of the river and its tributaries, Potomac Conservancy is providing effective, long-term conservation solutions and building an active base of local river advocates. Its programs address harmful land-use practices that contribute to polluted urban runoff, degraded water quality, and the loss of open space and forested areas. Tree plantings, river cleanups, seed collections, and other hands-on conservation activities improve the local environment and empower individuals to make a difference in their communities, leaving a legacy of clean water for generations to come. The Potomac faces unprecedented challenges but you can be part of a beautiful, lasting solution.