Anacostia Watershed SocietyDonate

$100: supplies to remove 7500 pounds of trash;
$500: river tour for a class of underserved students;
$1000: cultivation of wild rice and wetland plants by a class of local students

The Anacostia River touches countless communities, winding from Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Washington, DC before flowing into the Potomac. But this vital natural resource has really suffered from sewage and stormwater, and is not swimmable or fishable – yet. Dedicated to the restoration of the watershed, Anacostia Watershed Society mobilizes the community to return the river to life and health. Through hands-on service learning, it engages thousands of local students each year in planting wetland vegetation and cleaning up the shores; and it advocates on the river’s behalf, seeking better stormwater controls and increased containment of trash. AWS also provides opportunities for adults to become Watershed Stewards – reducing stormwater, installing rain barrels and green roofs, and becoming advocates in their communities. Thousands work with AWS to restore and clean the watershed through year-round volunteer events. River tours, paddle clinics, bike rides, and environmentally-friendly activities along the water remind all local residents of the pleasure that (clean) rivers can bring. Your stewardship, and support, is the next essential resource.