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$100: tiles a bathroom;
$250: replaces an old window with an energy-efficient one;
$1000: installs an Energy-Star compliant water heater

Affordable housing is the bedrock of a healthy community: it helps families thrive, and is linked to better education and health outcomes for children. Yet with DC neighborhoods undergoing gentrification, many low-income District residents cannot afford to buy or even rent a home. Mi Casa, a Latino-focused affordable housing developer, is addressing this crisis in three ways: helping tenants organize and purchase their apartment buildings when they come up for sale; renovating and building housing for families; and leasing affordable apartments in Mi Casa-owned buildings. As part of its work with new tenant owners Mi Casa trains them in the skills they need to keep their homes balancing a budget, reading financial statements, hiring and supervising a property manager which ultimately gives them control over their lives. One of the most efficient developers of affordable housing in the city, Mi Casa has taken the lead in addressing one of the principle problems facing low income residents in the District today. Won't you join them and help make DC affordable for all families?