Miriam's KitchenDonate

$250: supplies for therapeutic group activities;
$500: meals, case management, and therapy for 1 guest for a full year;
$1000: 1 healthy dinner for all guests for 1 night

Miriam’s Kitchen got its start when a group of individuals and faith-based organizations decided that people who spent their nights on the outdoor grates in Foggy Bottom needed a nutritious, hot breakfast. So every weekday morning for the last 28 years – on holidays, during heat waves, and in blizzards – this kitchen has served breakfast to chronically homeless men and women: 1,500 when Miriam’s was first featured in the Catalogue; over 4,000 today. A committed staff and over 2,200 volunteers meet the growing need; and new donors have pitched in too. As often happens in these cases, breakfast has expanded to include other things: health and mental health services; legal assistance; therapeutic groups; connections to longer-term resources. And guests are invited back each weeknight for a homemade dinner and additional support services. Miriam’s Kitchen provides more than sustenance: it helps guests improve their quality of life, and it offers its services with dignity and respect. Your support brings the most basic nourishment – body and soul – to those who need it.