Housing UnlimitedDonate

$100: subsidies for Tenants Council social events;
$500: pots, pans, and kitchen supplies for a new home;
$1000: basic living room furnishings for 1 tenant

In 1994, a team of Montgomery County parents set a goal: independent housing options for their adult children with psychiatric disabilities. They believed that individuals who were well enough to live alone would grow happier and healthier when given the chance to be on their own. Today, Housing Unlimited owns 59 Montgomery County properties that provide permanent homes to over 160 individuals and more homes are set to open this coming year. Rents are based on each tenant's income, and are capped to provide security and encourage employment. And Housing Unlimited's focus is just that: housing, and education about the responsibilities it entails and the great privileges it brings. Residents remain free to make their own decisions when it comes to therapy and medical care. A Tenants' Council strengthens leadership and organizational skills, and ensures that tenants have a voice in their day-to-day lives. Housing Unlimited's approach is effective and its program in demand: the current waiting list is two years long. Your contribution will help even more individuals with psychiatric disabilities become proudly independent.