Arlington Thrive
(formerly AMEN: Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs)Donate

$100: prescriptions for 5 homeless individuals;
$250: emergency dental work for an uninsured resident;
$1000: rent payment to keep a family housed and prevent eviction

The cost of living in metro DC is among the highest in the nation, with rent on a two-bedroom Arlington apartment averaging $2,000 per month. Let's face it: making payments like these can be difficult for low-income families, especially when temporary unemployment, an unexpected illness, or a sudden financial crisis, strikes. Since 1975, Arlington Thrive has been a front-line defense against homelessness, offering same-day emergency assistance to Arlington residents for rent, pharmacy and medical bills, utilities, and transportation (checks are made out directly to the landlord, medical provider, company, or creditor). Section 8 housing recipients also have access to a loan program for security deposits of up to $500 (fees are as low as $10/month); and collaboration with Dominion Power's EnergyShare program provides up to $600 per client for heating and $300 for cooling costs. Arlington Thrive's Homelessness Prevention program aims to stop homelessness before it starts. With four part-time staff and 30 volunteers, it annually serves approximately 3,000 clients in Arlington County. Your donation keeps countless families warm, safe, and at home.