Capitol Hill VillageDonate

$230: a year-long membership for 1 veteran;
$500: 5 a/c units to keep low-income seniors cool in the summer;
$1000: 1-year memberships for 2 low income members

Capitol Hill Village is just that: a virtual village in livable, walkable surroundings where volunteers unite to help older adults age safely and comfortably in their own homes and in their beloved neighborhood. Of CHV's 245 members, more than half live by themselves. And because of limiting conditions, many would have left their homes were it not for the support of the village. So what happens to a villager in need? CHV has over 250 volunteers ready to provide a ride to the pharmacy, doctor, or grocery store, help with housekeeping, paperwork, or meal preparation, offer gardening advice or sidewalk shoveling. And when it comes to major repairs, home care assistance, or medical support, CHV staff efficiently link members with community-vetted vendors and partners. For low-income neighbors, discounted membership dues provide what all members receive, plus financial assistance with essential home repairs. Just as important are opportunities to learn and socialize: financial counseling, theater outings, cooking workshops, exercise classes, and CHV dinners keep everyone connected. Because aging at home should never mean aging alone.