DC Arts and Humanities Education CollaborativeDonate

$350: bus transportation for students to a cultural event;
$400: 100 tickets to an Arts for Every Student event;
$600: artist residency in the classroom

The city of Washington is rich in arts and culture, but budget constraints often prevent the city’s schools from taking advantage of its resources. The DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative works to help DC public and chartered public schools gain access to our vibrant arts world by removing the barriers to it. Offering workshops for teachers, teaching artists, principals, and others, the Collaborative also makes registration, tickets, and transportation easy. Last year, 129 schools registered for the Collaborative’s Arts for Every Student program, which reached 30,000 students and their chaperones through free performances. Since 2003, when the Collaborative was first featured in the Catalogue, its annual budget has more than doubled, and it continues to receive vital support from Catalogue donors. But the demand is growing. After all, visiting the Kennedy Center for the first time, making a trip to the Washington Ballet or Shakespeare Theatre, having a professional artist come right to your classroom – for many children these are unforgettable experiences. You can help keep the arts alive – for every student.