DC Students Construction Trades FoundationDonate

$100: starter tool and safety kit for 1 student;
$500: nails and shingles for a training site;
$1000: emergency fund to assist a graduate transitioning to work or college

Ten years ago, DC community leaders uncovered two interrelated problems: as commercial and residential development took hold in long-neglected areas of the city, DC workers were shut out of the city's economic growth because they lacked job training in construction and engineering, while contractors, ironically, lacked a strong pool of local employees to fill their jobs. The solution? A public-private partnership that rejuvenated school and industry commitment to technical education and launched the Academy of Construction and Design at Cardozo Senior High School. Before long, students began to see the Academy's renovated, high-tech classrooms as their home within the school, coming before and after classes for extra academic support and ultimately achieving a 90% graduation rate. The newly-launched Build A House program provides guided opportunities for students to test their math, carpentry, mechanical drawing, and blueprint-reading skills at a real building site; and partnerships with local construction firms offer career-advancing instruction for 150 employed apprentices. Jobs as engineers, carpenters, electricians, and construction managers are all here in the District. You can give students the tools to fill them.