Friends of Guest HouseDonate

$100: 1 week of discounted groceries for 10 residents;
$650: 1 month of utility bills for a group home;
$1000: drug testing equipment for 6 months

More than 2,000 women are incarcerated in Virginia prisons and another 2,400 in local and regional jails. Many have no safe place to live when they are released, and most need help to achieve self-sufficiency. And then there are the children: 70% of incarcerated women have one child or more and they need support and training to become dependable parents. Guest House helps these women become responsible, productive members of the community. The residential program serves up to ten non-violent, female ex-offenders who live in a group home for four months. They find employment, learn life-skills (financial management, fitness, conflict resolution), build support systems, repair personal relationships, and secure housing – while working full time. An aftercare program is required for six to nine months to ensure that clients continue to receive the support they need; and demand for a new outreach program has increased by 350% in the past four years. Since 1974, when Friends of Guest House was founded, it has served over 1,000 non-violent, female ex-offenders. What’s the alternative?