Higher AchievementDonate

$125: 3-day college trip for 1 scholar;
$880: 1 summer field trip for an entire center (80 scholars);
$1500: Summer Academy for 1 student

Targeting academically motivated students at a critical juncture – 5th through 8th grade – and working with them in the “gap” hours – 3:30 to 8pm during the school year and 8am to 4pm in the summer – Higher Achievement offers rigorous academic classes and stresses the discipline and dedication children need to succeed. A four-year, sustained academic intervention, it requires a serious commitment from its scholars and offers exciting bonuses in return: advanced intellectual discussions, university trips, and lectures on current topics. 100% of scholars improve by 20% or more on standardized tests, 100% of 2011 graduates advanced to college-preparatory high schools (90% to top choice schools like Gonzaga, Banneker, and Sidwell), and 93% ultimately head to college, compared to 50% citywide. Since it was first featured in the 2003 Catalogue, Higher Achievement has doubled the number of children served, added a sixth center in Ward 8, and purchased its own home. It now serves 500 motivated scholars from under-resourced communities. Your help means success, and a real future, for these determined scholars.