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$100: all the paint for 1 shelter project;
$500: carpet, tile, or vinyl for a replacement floor;
$5000: complete renovation of a shelter's bathroom

HomeAid might be the best "broker" in Northern Virginia. After all, it is in the business of connecting local housing organizations and emergency shelters with professional homebuilders, trade partners, and sub-contractors who can offer the best renovations at the lowest costs. So how does it work? HomeAid ensures that a shelter has the capacity to participate in a construction project and take advantage of a brand new resource. Then, a professional Builder Captain is chosen to collaborate with the shelter, architect, and engineer to create the ideal design. The Builder Captain calls on Trade Partners who can provide time and materials at little or no cost. HomeAid is also the link to banks, attorneys, architects, and engineers who provide critical support for shelter projects from improvements in existing facilities to the complete design and creation of a new shelter. And what is the result? A community venture that expands and enriches housing services for the neediest Northern Virginia residents. Such work and the collaboration that makes it happen truly merits your support.