Joseph's HouseDonate

$100: 40 meals for residents and guests;
$500: 10 sets of bedsheets and blankets;
$1000: 1 new reclining chair

From streets, shelters, prisons, and hospitals, Joseph's House welcomes approximately 40 terminally ill men and women a year to its nine-bed hospice home in Adams Morgan where they find a welcoming, compassionate community at the end of life. Joseph's House truly offers each resident a continuum of care: physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment, 24-hour nursing, addiction recovery support, personal care services and transitional support for those who regain their health. Some defy the odds and leave Joseph's House, well-prepared to reclaim their lives. But most do not. For those living their last days at the house, there is constant support, understanding, and love; staff and volunteers hold vigil around the clock, remaining fully present to them in their final hours. In a city with the highest rate of AIDS infection (nearly 3%) and cancer mortality in the nation (often due to inadequate screening and care in the poorest neighborhoods), Joseph's House remains steadfastly committed to providing a lifelong home and community to the men and women who walk through its doors.