Liberty's Promise

WISH LIST: $150: field trip transportation for 20 immigrant youth; $500: healthy meals for 30 students in 5 civics classes; $800: 1 8-week internship for a young immigrant

Metropolitan Washington is the fourth-largest immigrant gateway in the US, but studies show that immigrant families cannot easily communicate the value of civic participation to their children, and that children do not use community resources (like libraries, for example) as much as native families do. Liberty’s Promise addresses these very gaps, combining professional development and civic education to sustain and support low-income immigrants ages 15-21 while encouraging them to be active, conscientious American citizens. The idea is to make the immigrant experience an affirmative one, introduce youth to the democratic traditions of the US, and facilitate their transition to American life. The internship program places documented immigrants in non-profit, for-profit, government, and media internships, giving them valuable work experience. The civics program offers first-hand knowledge of local government and a real understanding of the benefits of civic participation. In five years, Liberty's Promise has helped more than 1,200 youth learn about and feel at home in the DC region. An investment here supports a great cause: maintaining America’s strength in diversity.