Multicultural Career Intern Program (MCIP)Donate

$100: after-school books and supplies;
$500: 3 weeks of after-school programs in reading, math or science for 25 students;
$5000: a "last dollar funding" college scholarship

This unique partnership between a non-profit support organization (MCIP) and a public school (Bell Multicultural) enhances the curriculum with year-round services for students and families. And Bell students certainly lead challenging lives: the vast majority are poor, 90% are "language minority," over 60% arrived in the US within the last three years, and many live in unsupervised situations working multiple jobs to support themselves. So the school steps in with an array of services: Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Teen Parent and Child Development, daycare for infants and toddlers, and after-school assistance in reading, math, and science. In 2006, the new Columbia Heights Educational Campus opened and became home to 1,400 middle and high school students. In 2010, Bell was ranked 37th of 1,623 schools nationwide in the Newsweek Challenge Index quite an achievement since Bell does not practice selective admission. One of twelve schools in the country to be named a Break Through High School for significant student achievement, high graduation, and college admission rates, this extraordinary model truly merits your support.