Potomac RiverkeeperDonate

$100: trains 4 people to identify and report pollution;
$500: creates a new recreation map for a section of the Potomac River;
$1000: works with a farmer to get a herd of cattle out of the river

The Potomac River watershed (which includes the Shenandoah River, the Potomac, and the Upper Potomac) encompasses 15,000 square miles, touching four states and the District of Columbia as it flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Six million residents live along the watershed, but instead of a clean and healthy river, they find swimming prohibitions and fish consumption advisories lining its banks. Potomac Riverkeeper is a grassroots, on-the-water organization dedicated to fighting pollution and creating healthy rivers and streams. In partnership with pro bono attorneys, it works to correct violations of environmental law and promote government accountability. Its network of volunteer citizen monitors reports on the health of fish in the rivers and it uses their input to direct enforcement and advocacy work using the legal system to force polluters to clean up their act. Knowing that healthy rivers and healthy communities go hand-in-hand, Potomac Riverkeeper strives to ensure that all 383 miles of our river stay healthy. Clean water should not be the exception to the rule. It should be the rule.