Rock Creek Conservancy
(formerly Friends of Rock Creek's Environment)Donate

$50: tools to remove invasive vines from trees;
$100: gloves, bags, and supplies for 30 volunteers;
$500: rainfall management workshop for 15 Rock Creek property owners

One of the largest forested urban parks on earth, Rock Creek Park is nestled within the Rock Creek Watershed, which spreads over 77-square miles and is home to nearly 500,000 people. Yet when a creek meanders over 33 miles across numerous local and state borders, it naturally hits a few obstacles: until recently, no single group looked after the watershed in its entirety. Rock Creek Conservancy was born to protect and advocate for the park's extraordinary resources. On the federal, state, and local level, it is the voice of the park, recently testifying for the (successful) passage of legislation governing the disposal of unused pharmaceuticals. Each year, two million people walk through the park and Rock Creek Conservancy mobilizes over 2,000 volunteers to clean local streams and maintain the health and beauty of the parklands. Outside the park, it educates residents about reducing polluted runoff and enables them to adopt sections of Rock Creek for neighborhood-based stewardship. You too can be a steward for good and ensure the park's health and beauty.