The Training Source

WISH LIST: $500: transportation to a job fair for 1 class; $1000: QuickStart computer training for 5 students; $3750: 15 weeks of training, counseling, and career assistance for 1 adult

Everyone knows someone who has lost a job: from an adult whose company folded, to a youth with unrealized potential whose tough school and unstable family didn't help him. What is the road to success for the unemployed, underemployed, frustrated, and unprepared? The Training Source meets people where they are and assists them in developing the hard skills (knowledge and abilities) and soft skills (attitudes, habits and behaviors) that will help them secure and retain employment. Comprehensive 15-week training programs cover everything from professional and computer skills to time and money management, self-esteem and motivation, and job survival techniques. Workshops for families in transition from homelessness help them develop the skills and motivation needed for self-sufficiency. A youth leadership program helps kids make smart choices, complete school, and consider post-secondary education. A summer program works with developmentally challenged youth who are aging out of special education and want to secure a living wage. The goal is to develop persons as well as skills, and TTS is gifted at doing that. Think what your gift might do.