The Washington School for Girls
(formerly The Washington Middle School for Girls)Donate

$100: 10 books for the Reading Circle;
$500: 1 laptop for a WSG teacher;
$1000: transportation for 3 field trips for 1 class

For students at The Washington Middle School for Girls, a faith-based school that accepts students of all faiths, success means finding the courage to put on their uniforms and come to school every day. Washingtonís Anacostia neighborhood is, after all, a difficult place to grow up. Often living in troubled families and usually under-served by schools and social agencies, young girls are often poorly educated, burdened by early childbirth, and starved for hope in a brighter future. WMSG is designed to help girls succeed in spite of these obstacles Ė by cherishing each child, keeping her safe and engaged throughout an extended day (7:30 to 5:30), creating a school year that extends into the summer, and helping families, too. 100 students at Washington View (grades 4-5) and the Town Hall Education, Arts, & Recreation Campus (THEARC, grades 6-8) benefit from the intense, but also nourishing, education. All graduates have gone on, with financial assistance in hand, to the high schools of their choice. Your contribution to this extraordinary school enhances the lives of young women and brightens the future for all of us.