Young Playwrights' TheaterDonate

$100: the first playwriting workshop for a classroom of students;
$500: underwriting for a professional, staged reading;
$5000: a semester of the In-School Playwriting Program

It isn't news that low-income, urban youth are especially at risk for disengagement from school. Ethnically diverse and chronically underserved (98% qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program), they need the cognitive, social, and personal skills that arts education is uniquely suited to offer but that today's stripped-down school budgets just don't provide. Young Playwrights' Theater steps into the breach. Its in-school playwriting residency integrates artist-taught workshops into the DCPS curriculum. The program reaches students with multiple learning styles, using the art of playwriting to enhance student literacy, creative expression, and communication. It culminates in a New Play Festival of professional, fully-staged performances that honor outstanding student work by performing it in public. The after-school program develops students' creative expression and collaboration by exploring theater as an ensemble; and a new, on-site workshop provides expanded opportunities for more advanced and committed students to take playwriting to the next level. Finding and sharing your voice can be a world-changing experience. You can be part of the transformation.