Mi Casa

WISH LIST: $50: installs a new kitchen cabinet; $100: tiles a bathroom; $250: installs an energy-efficient window

In 1993, a five-member, low-income Latino family achieved a long-awaited goal: the purchase of their own home. The catalyst was Mi Casa, the sole Latino-focused affordable housing developer in the District, which has gone on to help over 1,000 people find homes. Mi Casa purchases abandoned or deteriorating housing, renovates and then re-sells it at reasonable rates to low-income, first-time buyers. It provides homeownership training programs for multi-family cooperatives, helping residents navigate the purchasing process, and then works with new owners to develop the skills they need to stay in their homes for the long-term. Mi Casa also works closely with tenant groups and community organizations that want to purchase their own buildings, helping them to organize and rehabilitate their properties and maintaining affordability in neighborhoods undergoing rapid gentrification. One of the most efficient developers of affordable housing in the city, Mi Casa has taken the lead in addressing what the US Civil Rights Commission called one of the principle problems facing Latinos in the United States. You can take the lead too and help families realize their dream of home ownership.