Potomac Riverkeeper

WISH LIST: $100: gas for river patrol boat; $500: training for 25 volunteers in the "Get the DIRT Out" project; $1200: new water quality testing equipment

The Potomac River watershed encompasses 15,000 square miles, touching four states and the District of Columbia as it flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The five million residents of the Potomac watershed deserve a clean and healthy river, but today, swimming prohibitions and fish consumption advisories line the riverbanks. The only grassroots, on-the-water organization dedicated to healthy rivers and streams, Potomac Riverkeeper increases public awareness and promotes community action to protect a great natural resource. In partnership with local law clinics, it seeks to correct high-profile violations of environmental law and promote government accountability. Potomac Riverkeeper has also created a presence on every riverbank: volunteer citizen monitors act as its “eyes and ears," reporting on fish. health, and wildlife conditions. It then draws media and political attention to public health concerns, forcing polluters to clean up their act. Knowing that healthy rivers and healthy communities go hand-in-hand, Potomac Riverkeeper strives to ensure that all 383 miles of our river stay healthy. Clean water should not be a rarity. It should be a right.