The Art League

WISH LIST: $100: 1 new classroom easel; $500: 3 scholarships to League classes; $2000: 1 fifth-grader's year-long participation in SOHO

The philosophy of The Art League is simple: nurture the artist and you enrich the entire community. For seasoned artists and curious newcomers alike, The Art League provides accessible exhibition space and classes at all levels, from drawing to sculpture and from printmaking to fiber arts. Class fees are low and scholarships ensure accessibility. In collaboration with the court system, The Art League also provides arts-based mentoring services for creatively-inclined fifth-grade girls at risk for delinquent behavior. The Space of Her Own (SOHO) program focuses on youth who have a relative in jail or on probation – one of the strongest indicators that a child will later become court-involved. Girls and mentors meet weekly throughout the year and address such topics as self-image, diversity, nutrition, anger management, and personal power; an art lesson is taught by a professional artist. For the finale, teams remodel each girl’s bedroom using artwork to create “a space of her own.” With your support, artists will always have a home in Alexandria – and a champion in The Art League.