General Information

  • Volunteer Opportunities / Responsibilities: Our volunteers hanlde requests from inmates - These requests come to us via mail and telephone. Once trained, volunteers can go to the Jail and help inmates directly. We handle over 6,000 requests each year. Typical requests include: "who is my lawyer?" "Call my mother and ask her to visit." "Ask my neighbor to feed my dog - I should be out by the weekend." "My apartment keys are at the police station. Can you pick them up for me?" "I'm a diabetic..can you call my doctor and have him call the Jail about my medication?" These requests are routine and undramatic - but so important to an inmate with little or no room, at the moment, to help himself.

    We are always looking for individuals who might have an interest in serving on our board of directors - no experience in criminal justice is necessary. Just an interest in the work we do and a willingness to help us.
  • Types of Volunteers Needed: individual/adult; adult groups of less than 5; Other
  • Hours Needed: business hours during the week; Other