Saved Favorites

Our "Favorites" tool is an easy way to identify your favorite Catalogue charities, so you can keep up with volunteer opportunities, events, and more.

Create your "Favorites" list in 3 easy steps: First, make sure you have created a free account (sign up at Create An Account on the left side of the screen). Then, browse Our Nonprofits and click the “add to favorites” link when you discover organizations that you find intriguing—as volunteer opportunities, candidates for a gift, pages you’d like to print, or for any other reason. At your Saved Favorites page you will be able to make multiple donations, add items to a gift registry, or create and then print your own, personalized Catalogue. But first, browse Our Nonprofits, click the “add to favorites” link as you find things that interest you, and then return here when you’re ready.

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