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The Catalogue for Philanthropy does its work at no cost to donors or charities. There is no fee to apply, be featured, or be a member of our nonprofit network. And when donors give through the Catalogue, the percentage we charge for distribution of their gifts is 0%.

We rely on the generosity of foundations, organizations, and individuals in our community to keep the Catalogue free. When you support the Catalogue, you not only help us spread the word about our regionís best nonprofits, but you also help us create resources that empower our charities to continue growing well beyond their inclusion in the Catalogue.

Donations and pledges made between September 14, 2016 and September 13, 2017 are listed below. In the year leading up to our most recent edition published November 2017, these foundations, corporations, individuals, and nonprofit organizations have made the Catalogue possible—in print and online:

Harman Family Foundation

Barbara Harman and William Cain, Harman Cain Family Foundation
J Willard and Alice S Marriott Foundation
Raffa/Marcum LLP

The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Webber Family Foundation

David and Katherine Bradley
Carol and Landon Butler
Schwab Charitable
A James & Alice B Clark Foundation
Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation
Crimsonbridge Foundation
Mitchell Dolin
Greater Washington Community Foundation
JBG SMITH Properties
Claude and Nancy Keener Charitable Fund
Kettering Family Foundation
Michael Lainoff and Kathryn Kincaid
Richard E and Nancie P Marriott Foundation
Potomac Health Foundation
George and Dana Schindler
Shakespeare Theatre Company
Share Fund
UBS Private Wealth Management, Rod Von Lipsey

Booz Allen Hamilton
Capital Group Private Client Services
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
Irwin and Ginny Edlavitch
Lois and Richard England Family Foundation
Ernst & Young LLP
Elizabeth Gemmill
Geppetto Catering
Hamond Family Foundation
Kathryn and Michael Hanley
Hon Jane Harman
Dave and Coree Henderson
Jayne Jerkins and Mark Srere
Holly Johnson and Pat Merloe
Robert and Dandy Korzeniewski
Rachel Kronowitz and Mark Lewis
Elizabeth Lardner and James Klein
Lauralyn and Peter Lee
Noni and Rich Lindahl
Loree Lipstein - Thread Strategies
Stanley L and Lucy Lopata Charitable Foundation
The Mead Center for American Theater, Home of Arena Stage
Otto-Whalley Family Foundation
Laurence Platt and Clare Herington
Luther | Replogle Foundation
Rob and Sheri Rosenfeld
Sidgmore Family Foundation
Vradenburg Foundation
WC Smith

Bartlett Family Empowerment Fund
Gail Bassin
Bentall Kennedy
Jennifer Browning
Kristina and William Catto Foundation
City First Bank
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Oktay Dogramaci and Jesse Meiller
Amira El-Gawly
Marty and Sherry Franks
Game Genius
Aaron Gonzales and Jenny Tobin
Gina Harman
Nicole and Paul Harman
Tim Hurlebaus
Elizabeth Hudson and Boyd Matson
Isabel and Jerry Jasinowski
Jockey Hollow Foundation
Joan Kasprowicz
Kay Kendall and Jack Davies
Erna and Michael Kerst
The Matthew Korn and Cynthia Miller Family Foundation
Lawrence Kutner
Eugene M Lang Foundation
Michael Lang
Herbert J and Dianne J Lerner Foundation
The Maple Tree Fund
Matalon & Nathani LLP
Judith Mazo
Jill and Richard Meyer
Porter Family Charitable Foundation
Thomas and Kathy Raffa
Daniel Rico
Cari and David Rudd
Jim and Katie Sebastian
Adam Shapiro
Rita Shapiro
David S Shrager Foundation
Robert Siciliano
Scott and Carol Ann Smallwood
The Ed and Andy Smith Fund
The Steele Family Foundation
Kathryn Stephens
The Trimbel Fund, Elaine Reuben
Anne Urban and Peter Yeo
Bradley and Kate Vogt
John and Lisa Vogt
Bob Wittig

Michael B Abert, William Ackerman, Alex & Ani, Anonymous (5), Cristina Antelo, Joanne and Hank Asbill, Charlotte M Bahin, Julie Banzhaf-Stone, Jen Barrie - Barrie Creative, Tom Bartlett - 20 Degrees, Ralf Bauer, Char Beales, Charlene N Bickford, Victoria Bor, Michael Brodie, Hope Brown, Mary Brown, Isabel Cain, Lucy Capaldi, Chungshing Chung and Kingon Hou, Margaret Clark, Rose Ann Cleveland, Ana Collins, David and Sherry Coo, Michael Cooperman and Maria Schiff, Gail F Crockett, Peter and Mercedes Cutler, Laurie Davis and Joseph Sellers, Dirk Ade Groot, Maria Difede, Patrick Dillon, Michelle N Edwards, Kelley Ellsworth, Julie Evans, Carolyn and Robert Falb, Sandra Falcon, Dorothy Feeney, Helen Fox, Kimberly Frazier, Judy Funderburk, Celina Gerbic, Point Foundation, Edward J and Elizabeth A Gilley, Michael Giordano, Lee Granados, John Griffiths and Stacey McGraw, Elizabeth A Grigg, Rosemary Haas, Lisa Green Hall, Allison Hallett, Christine Hoisington Hamilton, Karen Hanchett, Joanne S Hardison, Leon and Dawn Teresa Harris, Donna Hart, Mark Hegedus, John Heidt, Lisa Hill, Sari Hornstein, Lawrence Janicki, Sean Jenkins, Bruce W Johnson, Jerome A Kaplan and Deena L Kaplan Family Foundation, Karen Kaplan, Margaret H Kavalaris, Patrick Knowles, Cathryn Krebs, Avis Lampert, Chris and Kristine Lansing, Holam Lau, Kim Levine, Nicole Levine, Richard Levine and Wendy Krasner, Kara Lilian, Hillary Lindeman, Loree Lipstein, Thread Strategies, Melanie MacKinnon, Carlyn Madden, Pavel Malinek, Tommaso Mancini, Michelle Marcovit, David and Jackie Marlin, Marilyn M Bassey-Ball, Kathy McKinless, Graham McLaughlin, Dan McNeil, Benjamin Melro, Bo Menkiti, Jill and Richard Meyer, Hassan Minor, Chuck Muckenfuss, Mufson Family Foundation, Pamela Nash, Kurt Olsson, Barbara O'Reilly, Lauren Osakwe, David Peyton, John Phillips, Mali Phonpadith, Kerry Rader, Lorraine and David Rhoad, Nancy and Scott Richmond, Debra Rosenman, Thomas Roth, Marcia Thomson Rounsaville, Maureen Ruettgers, Mayra Santiago, Nitza Santiago, Susan Saulny, Susan and Rob Schaefer, Richard Schreiber, Karren Scott, Jim and Katie Sebastian, Susan and Martin Sherwin, Silicon Valley Bank, Kenneth Simonson, Craig and Erika Singer, Ilyse Stempler, Sarah and Edward Stettinius, Torsten Strass, Peter Sullivan, Mark Swartz, Nancy and Wayne Swartz, David Tannous, Laura Terry, Carl Thomas, Terry Thomas, Elizabeth Tisdale, United Health Group, Barbara Ward, Miriam Warre, Susan Wartel, Erica Webber, Paul Weech and Ellen Suthers, Sabine Weinheimer, Suzanne Weiss, Donna Whitaker, Stefan Wichert, Thomas Wisnowski, Kathleen Hallahan Zeifang, Michael Zeldin and Amy Rudnick, Elizabeth and Richard Zorowitz, Tracy Zorpette