What We Do

A Better Way to Give Where You Live

There are thousands of charities in Greater Washington, and finding the best ones to support isnít always easy. The Catalogue vets and highlights them for you, and makes it easy for you to find and support the ones that mean the most to you, in the communities where you live and work.

We also provide support to our nonprofit network through trainings on a wide range of topics, tailored to the needs of community-based nonprofits -- development and stewardship, marketing and communications, volunteer management, and more. Convenings on issues of common interest to nonprofits, neighborhood-based convenings, and events that showcase their work, are all part of what we do.

The Catalogue is 100% free. We donít charge our nonprofits to apply or be featured, nor do we take an administrative fee for distributing donations. The Catalogue raises funds separately, supported by a community of individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors who believe in what we do. Please consider joining us!

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How We Do it

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