Pledge the Difference

Every day in our nation’s capital we see programs that are helping women, children, the elderly, the poor, the homeless — people who will be seriously affected by the budget cuts we are likely to see in the years ahead. 

So we are proposing a new giving pledge,  one that you don't have to be a billionaire to sign:

"I will donate to charitable causes the difference between the income tax I now pay and the income tax I will pay if and when the proposed rate cuts take effect. I will Pledge the Difference."

An effort to Pledge the Difference could be significant. These are dollars you can designate for those most likely to suffer in the wake of new budget cuts and new laws: people who are poor, gay, female, undocumented, uninsured.

Our pledge is a way to support each other, befriend each other, stand up for each other, work with each other, and Pledge the Difference -- to make our nation's capital, and our country, a better place to live ...  for everyone.

Will you join us? (To read our Op-Ed in the Washington Post, click here.)

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